Sunday, August 30, 2009

new WHITE BUFFALO photos

These photos were taken 8/25/09 and they show the white buffalo with a distinctive reddish orange cast to his face and back. His rump is still white. Thank you for these pictures, Raven & Family, who came to visit.


Friday, August 28, 2009

White Buffalo - 1st Color Change

greetings Relatives,

As was told to the People, the White Buffalo will change colors. He is going through his first change, from white to red. As of now he has a very distinctive orange cast about his head and shoulders, with his rump still white. As soon as I can get some photos of him I will post them. This is expected, and I have contacted a few of the Elders to let them know. I have been told he will go from red, where he is now, to yellow, then black, then back to white. As was foretold, the prophecy continues to unfold. What is going to be real interesting is if the black begins to change colors!

With all that has been happening, this is simply a little more information for you. Maybe this can help you to process what is happening here is real, and does affect you. In a few more days, Sept. 1, we will know the final outcome. Until then I will continue to move forward, giving to you all I can about what is happening here. Travel safe, my Relatives, along this journey of life. We will talk soon.

Buffalo Messengers
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