Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why here of all places?

Greetings relatives,

One of the questions I am asked regularly is why? If these two buffalo, the black and the white, are what the Elders and Spiritual Leaders claim they are, why were they born here? What is it about this place? Why are so many unexplainable spiritual events happening here? The birth of the white deer. The wild hawks turning white. And many, many other things. You need to get past the “my People don’t recognize the buffalo as sacred” thing. The buffalo are only one part of what is happening, and continues to happen here, every day. So, why here? In this out of the way little corner of nowhere? Why not anywhere else? Why not someplace sacred?

Well, I had a post it moment. Post it moments are those times when you realize something, and probably should have realized it all along. The realization was, it all began here.

The next door neighbor, and I mean right next door, next property over, is Fort Necessity. And Fort Necessity is where it all began. Fort Necessity is accepted as being where the French and Indian War began. And it is accepted that the French and Indian War began the American Revolutionary War. If the battle at Fort Necessity had never happened, the French and Indian War of 1812 would have never happened. And, if the French and Indian War had never happened, the American Revolution would have never happened. Therefore, this country would not exist as it does today. We could be speaking French, or German, for that matter.

Everything that is today, everything, began right here. This country as it is, this society as it is, this government as it is. The way we are, the way we behave, it all began right here. To solidify that point, uh, these two are here. If somewhere else, anywhere else, was the starting point, they would have been born there. These events would be happening there. But they are happening here. Right next door to where it all began. Where the destruction of the First Nations began. The subjugation of the original Peoples of this country.

Therefore, obviously, if it began here, it will all end here. Life, reality, what we perceive as existence, is a circle. And it would appear the circle has turned. And come back to the beginning. If this doesn’t make you rethink whether what is happening here is real, what more can I say? Do you still think this is a hoax? Do you still believe this has all been made up to exploit and capitalize? One thing for sure, these two, and everything that is happening here is not man made. Whatever concept of a higher power, God, the Creator, you might have, that concept put these two here. That concept is in full control of what is happening here. All of the spiritual events that take place here. Maybe, you might want to rethink a few things?