Friday, September 11, 2009

White & Black Buffalo's New Home

Greetings Relatives,

As in all prayers, thanks must be given to Creator first. So we begin this prayer, acknowledging Creator, giving thanks to Creator. Beginning July 23rd, when we learned the home of the Sacred White & Black buffalo’s is closing, many have prayed for their safety and security. It has always been understood this crisis is in Creators hands, and what will happen will be what should happen. My Relatives, our prayers have been answered.

Many Elders & Spiritual Leaders have visited here, to offer prayers and conduct ceremony. All have said the same thing, they must remain here. This is where they were given to us, and we must do everything we can to insure they do not leave here. This, my Relatives, has happened.

Less the 5 miles from this property, Nemacolin Woodlands, a 3,000 acre resort is the new home for these two Sacred Animals. Mr. Joseph Hardy, his daughter, Maggie Hardy Magerko and manager Mr. Trey Matheu have come together with Buffalo Messengers to provide for these Sacred Animals. The mothers of these Sacred Animals were secured by Mr. Hardy earlier in the spring. There are also several other buffalo on this property. This is an amazing, beautiful opportunity for our People, along with a safe and secure home for the two sacred gifts. All will be welcome to come, at no charge, to visit with these two gifts given to each of us by Creator.

We, the First Nations People, have prayed someone, anyone, would come forward and assist us. We have said we will do the work, all we need is the opportunity. Someone with a good heart, who is willing to not just hear us, but to listen to us. Someone willing to help us with what we need, not tell us what we want. Mr. Hardy is an answer to that prayer. Through his benevolence and generosity, we will be able to provide many things, not only to First Nations People, but also to everyone worldwide, to all our Relatives.

Our culture will be shown respectfully and honorably, to educate those who know so little about us. Here in this place we can begin to do away with the stereotypes and misinformation that surround us. Here we can be sure our culture and spirituality will never be exploited or manipulated for greed. This will reverberate throughout Indian Country. This will reverberate throughout the world.

The staff and volunteers of Buffalo Messengers will work with Nemacolin Woodlands, to ensure everything we do is presented correctly, both culturally and traditionally. Since the birth of these two Sacred Animals, Buffalo Messengers has worked diligently to ensure no one is able to exploit or manipulate these spiritual events. With advice and counsel from respected and recognized Elders and Spiritual Leaders from many of the First Nations, we have always presented this message from Creator with honor and integrity. We will not fail in continuing this responsibility as we move forward with Mr. Hardy.

All funds that have been raised will be used for the benefit of these two Sacred Animals and continuing to pass on the message given to us by Creator. My deepest appreciation is extended to each of you who gave all you could to make sure these two gifts remain here, in a sacred way. Creator showed us today that we are doing the right thing. This morning, (Sept. 11), one of the red tail hawks that had turned white with the white buffalos birth, that lived at the buffalo’s original home, showed itself in the buffalos new home as I sang for them.

In October, as soon as it can be arranged, working with Mr. Trey Matheu and his staff, Buffalo Messengers will assist Nemacolin Woodlands in welcoming these two Sacred Animals to their new home. Elders have been contacted from many Nations, including the Delaware, Absentee Shawnee, Lakota and Onondaga. These visiting Elders will conduct the ceremonies needed, and everyone will be invited to be here. Nemacolin wants to insure everything is done correctly, with respect to our traditions and culture. In this way, Nemacolin will host a thank you ceremony. This is also referred to as a wopila ceremony, a potlatch or give away. Nemacolin understands they are being gifted a great honor in providing for these two Sacred Animals, and understand in this way we say thank you, to Creator, for this blessing. I pray each of you will be able to be here for this event in October and as soon as I can I will let you know the date.

We now have that opportunity we have prayed for, for so long. Now we can present our way of life the right way, with respect for all things. Here our Elders and Leaders can speak with the People, sharing their wisdom. Here the ceremonies can be performed correctly, by those who remember the gifts given to them were given to serve the People, not the person. This is where this country, and the demise of our Nations, began. Here, Creator placed these two gifts. The circle of life has turned, and come back to the beginning. Now we go forward, from the beginning, to correct all that has gone wrong. To show the world who we are. The prophecies say we, the First Nations People of Turtle Island, will lead the world back to a spiritual path. It began with the birth of these two Sacred Animals, the White and the Black Buffalo. This too, is the beginning of our responsibility. We understand life is a circle. We understand every beginning is an ending. Every ending is a beginning. This ends here. This begins here.

Thank you Creator, for the beauty that is this journey of life. Thank you, Creator, for bringing this opportunity, these individuals, this place. Thank you, Creator, for this message, this ending, this beginning.