Saturday, May 14, 2011

the message...on the road

Our responsibility is to pass on this message. The message of these two Sacred Animals has gone mobile. Due to circumstance beyond our control, we are no longer with these two everyday. Maybe this is their will, the will of Creator. We simply cant say. Creator is under no obligation to explain why, only what. Therefore, we will take this message of unity and resistance to the Relatives, where ever they may be, where ever we are asked to go. Help with gas, maybe some dinner, a place to park Ms. Betty the campervan. The Superdog and I look forward to meeting you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Sad State of Affairs

Disabled Native American Veteran
Ceremonial Leader Evicted

Saturday, April 30th, was a sad day for many First Nations and non First Nations People worldwide. On that day, Michael “Hawk” Spisak was escorted from the property by Security from Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. The explanation given for his removal was “you have been bad” and “it wasn’t one thing, it was several over time”. With a $1,500 compensation for “services rendered” over a year and a half, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and informed “his services were no longer required”.

This saga began November 12th 2006, when the White Buffalo was born in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Seen as a physical manifestation of prophecy, the White Buffalo is a message First Nations People have waited on for millennia. Nine months later, within inches of the White Buffalo's birth, from a different mother, came the Black Buffalo. Theses two occurrences herald a cleansing that is so desperately needed today. Combined with the many other spiritual occurrences that have taken place in Farmington, and that the United States today exists because of the events that took place in Farmington, there is overwhelming evidence something very powerful, albeit not fully understood, is taking place in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Sent to them, to watch over them, to be their Guardian and voice, was Michael “Hawk” Spisak. Insuring First Nations culture would never be exploited or misrepresented. Gruff, harsh, with no compromise in him, for 5 years he kept that commitment. Intolerant and dismissive of those who sought to financially gain from, or take advantage of, these two Sacred Animals. Through a house fire that demolished everything. 100% disabled, with a disintegrating spinal column and a broken neck, in pain 24/7, Hawk worked every day, for everyone, regardless who they were or what they might need. Hawk arranged ceremonies, powwows and gatherings. He held prayer ceremonies monthly, open to any and all who choose to come. Many did come. Many were healed. Physical ailments, mental and emotional problems. Healed. In the process he worked with Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, attempting to educate staff and management on the significance of these two Sacred Animals. Teaching anyone who came the truth of First Nations culture. Sharing with children the legends and stories. And he did all of this for no pay. Not once did he receive anything other than an occasional thank you. Not once did he ask for anything more. Yes, Nemacolin permitted him a place to stay so he could continue his responsibilities. But he never received or asked for a salary.

This commitment was not something Hawk entered into lightly, nor was it something he simply woke up one day and decided to do. He was chosen for this responsibility, and suffered many trials and ordeals before proving himself to Elders and Spiritual Leaders of the First Nations People that he could accept and execute this responsibility with honor, dignity, integrity and humility. Requiring he sacrifice his life for every other living thing. Demanding he be available to anyone, everyone, at any time. For counseling, assistance, ceremony, whatever was asked, whenever it was asked. Not one person can say he hasn’t done so, above and beyond what was requested of him.

Now, as appears to be business as usual, individuals with power and money have taken what they do not understand with obvious intentions of exploitation. Creating a new animal theme park, backed by a new casino, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort feels a Native American presence is no longer needed. With as much understanding and compassion as they showed by purchasing a white hybrid and attempting to pass if off as “a sacred white buffalo”. In complete disregard for the cultural and spiritual significance to a people much older than those currently residing in this country. In 1492 Columbus invaded the South Atlantic islands, and enslaved and decimated the peoples there. Now, 519 years later, we see nothing has changed. The rich, the greedy, continue to take what they want, whenever they want. Regardless of who or how it effects those it belongs to. These two Sacred Animals will now be put on display as part of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort safari exhibits tours. Associates with no cultural understanding of the First Nations people will attempt to disseminate trivial information about their significance. There is only one true White Buffalo in the world. Only one that exists today that meets all the requirements necessary for it to be the messenger so many have waited so long for. Born white, no genetic defects such as leucistic or albino. Changing colors from white to yellow to red and eventually to black. Never before have the two existed together anywhere else that is known. The White, the Black, one male, one female. The universe represented in these two special creatures. Perfect balance, perfect harmony. Now, displayed like a side show animal attraction. Their chosen Guardian dismissed as useless and irrelevant. A Native American presence is no longer required. It appears the prophecies are unfolding, exactly as they were promised.