Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teach Me Oh Wise One........

Morning Relatives. Once again I get a call late in the evening from yet another member of the urban confused, so twisted and spun up they are frantic. Oh my god, so and so called me and told me blah blah blah and....and.....aaaaaaa! Next thing you know they are packing the sea shell with white sage, running around the house “smudging” EVERYTHING, including the pets, so sure of what the idjit told them. Really? I get you are confused. I completely understand your hunger for a connection the the spiritual. But this scenario? Remember the playground, when little Billy made up some goofy shit and you ran home so convinced, screaming and hollering, telling your parents and all who would listen about the big bad wolf, only to find out you had just been played? Take the above scenario and apply this understanding liberally. Because, at 30ish or 40ish, the same damn thing just happened.

There is something you need to understand. The above scenario would never happen from someone who really is. No medicine person, no real one, will ever call and inform you Spirit instructed them to contact you with some dire warning. Oh, they might know about it. It may have been shown to them. But they ain’t calling you. Ever. No tweets, no text. They wont contact you through Facebook and email. They keep what they know to themselves, waiting on you.

This is not a tribal specific understanding, it is an indigenous one. Across the board, regardless the Nation you may be descended from or affiliated with. Too many confuse religion and spirituality, and believe me, neither the two shall ever meet. There is no unification of the two, because the two are absolute polar opposites of each other. What some are doing is deifying an individual. Simply replacing the preacher with the medicine man. One person, in complete control, instructing you on everything you need to know to exist. As if they knew the answers. So many line up for their daily dose of delusion, and follow so willingly the direction of someone just as confused as they are.

It does not matter how thick headed, how bone headed you are. Regardless how devoid of any spiritual understanding you may be. Do you honestly believe They would have to go to a third person to tell you? Do you perceive Them as so weak They have to tell someone to tell you? The Ancestors, beings so old your mind simply has no capacity to understand Their age. If They want to speak to you, They will find a way to get through your knot head. Somehow, some way They will tell you what you need to know. Not through another person. Certainly not the fool who just called you on the phone and scared the crap out of you. That is an idiot who is feeding their own ego, convincing you of crap that has no more substance than what they are full of.

When They want you to know something, They will tell you. Personally. Specifically. To your face. Some how, some way, They will instruct you. If, when this happens, you do not understand what has been shown to you, this is when you contact the Elders and the Medicine People. If what has been shown to you has been shown to them, this is when they will tell you. The next step is to take what has been shown to you into ceremony. In this way they create a Sacred Place, bringing you before that which has spoken to you, in such a way as They can explain what They want you to know. The Medicine Person is simply there to facilitate. Basically, they are the telephone. You are dialing the person, to speak to Them. To provide clarity of what ever it is They want you to know. 

The next time some fool contacts you with “sacred knowledge you just have to have”, start laughing. Then show them the door. When the special ones call, or tweet, or email or whatever else goofy crap, hang up the phone or delete it. Then start laughing. The deluded depend on your confusion to feed their insanity. However, if you insist on feeding the ego of the small minded, allowing them the luxury of ruling your life, by all means, go right ahead. Believe the most outlandish of fairy tales. Strap that leash back on and permit them to drag you through their hallucination. Or, the next time someone presents themselves as “insert title here”, tell them to prove it. You might be amazed at what happens next. Or more precisely, what doesn’t happen.

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